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Suzanne Hersh

B’nai Mitzvah Program Leader

As a congregant, student, artist, educator and activist, my Jewishness has found
dynamic and varied expression over the years. Becoming principal of the Jewish
Heritage School in 2017 has offered me a wonderful opportunity to pursue my devotion to Jewish education and continuity, endeavouring to connect children and families to the many inspiring dimensions of Jewish life.

Since graduating from Queen’s Artist in the Community Education Programme, I have taught children and adults in various settings, from federal prisons to public and parochial schools. For eighteen years I taught elementary French (FSL) at Bialik Hebrew Day School. I continue to work at Holy Blossom Temple as a B’nei Mitzvah tutor and a Shabbat and holiday children’s break-out group leader. I began teaching at Habonim’s Jewish Heritage School in 2012. Alongside my career as a teacher, I am also co-artistic director of an independent theatre company, Threshold Theatre. For Threshold, I have acted in, directed and produced a range of productions, workshops and programs.

When my kids were young I would tell them that there are three things which I hope will always be part of their lives: Judaism… and fruits and vegetables. And I want this for your kids too! While I can’t predict what their eating habits will be after graduating from our school, I am committed to ensuring that, while there, your children will develop skills and knowledge that enable them to participate meaningfully in Jewish life.


Fri, September 18 2020 29 Elul 5780