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Eli's Storytelling

Eli's Passover Stories

A selection of Passover stories, Holocaust Passover stories and Humorous Passover Stories.

Eli"s collected Passover Stories

Meeting Elijah

A Seder Not to Remember

How to make Kosher Matzot

The Old Man’s Blessing

The Hidden Question

Freedom for All

Holocaust Passover Stories

Holocaust Resistance Intro

Passover Seder in Gurs Concentration Camps & Bergen Belsen

Where are the Children?

Moishele in the Warsaw Ghetto

Irving Eisner MOL Passover Story

Roman Ziegler MOL Passover Story

The Extra Request

Humorous Passover Stories

The Different Night

It’s All in the Timing


Toronto Festival of Storytelling 2009

Storytelling Toronto is a registered, non-profit charitable organization that supports creative work in the art of storytelling. We offer courses for storytellers at all levels; promote and subsidize the work of storytellers in education; publish Pippin, a quarterly newsletter, and produce the Toronto Festival of Storytelling. The Toronto Storytelling Festival was launched on April 1, 1979, and has become one of North America’s biggest urban celebrations of traditional and contemporary storytelling.

Watch an excerpt from the programme here.

Thu, June 13 2024 7 Sivan 5784